Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits

APS can provide customized benefit programs designed to satisfy the unique insurance requirements of each individual client including:

  • Major Medical
  • Vision
  • Dental
  • Disability
  • HSA
  • 401K
  • Section 125
  • Retirement
  • Universal Life
  • Term Life
  • Short Term Disability
  • Long Term Disability

Health Insurance Options and Support

We provide employees with benefits to suit their needs, while also taking care of the paperwork that is associated with it. We also offer support to employees, selecting plans, as well as down the road when questions arise.

  • Manages and organizes health insurance options.
  • Provides options to employees
  • Records and maintains health insurance coverage for employees.
  • Resource for employees to contact with questions
  • Offers support regarding health insurance and guidance on what is offered in different plans
  • Works with the insurance company directly – providing you more time to focus on what is important – your organization.
  • Cost effective health insurance options, due to large size of PEO rather than of small businesses.


We provide employees with customized 401K options that give them the opportunity to save for the future.

  • Provide access to 401K benefits
  • Allow employees options to sign up for 401K benefits
  • Provide different plans for employees to enroll in at a lower cost
  • Our larger size compared to a small company fives better 401K benefits for employees (distributions and contributions)