Services and Solutions


Let us handle your payroll processing and distribution. We offer customized options to fit your business needs.

  • We take care of all payroll functions, allowing you to focus on your organization.
  • Cuts the cost of hiring- saving you money.
  • Handles all payroll items such as time entry approvals, paycheck processing and direct deposit.
  • Handles all deductions from payroll for employees
  • Allows you to save time and money and focus on your business.

Tax Processing

Let us handle your employee tax processing needs. We alleviate your requirement for filing employee tax information, giving you more time to focus on what is important- your organization.

  • Handles withholding information, reporting tax information, submission of tax documents, generating W2 and other tax forms for employees and more.
  • Alleviates businesses from having to file employee tax information
  • Distribute W2
  • Distribute 1099
  • Handles tax documentation preparation and distribution

Regulation & Compliance Assistance

Let us handle your HR Compliance needs. Whether you are looking for guidance or tracking on specific information, let us help you.

  • Handbook template and review
  • Employee record keeping
  • Employee payroll tracking
  • I9assistance and tracking

HR Consulting Support

APS provides consultations support for HR related matters. We offer customized HR support to fit any organization’s needs.

  • Unemployment filings
  • Provide an outside opinion on HR issues
  • Policy reviews and suggestions

Onboarding Support

Let us to the work for you. APS provides customized onboarding solutions to fit any organization’s needs. If you are looking to onboard a new group of employees, APS provides you with the tools needed and resources to get the job done.

  • Let us take care of the paperwork- your PEO handles all onboarding and new employee paperwork so you don’t have to. We take care of filling out forms such as W2, direct deposit information, i9, local tax forms, employee information and more.
  • We handle benefits at onboarding, allowing employees to sign up of healthcare and benefits.
  • If applicable, we provide employees with 401K information and how to get started.
  • New hire reporting and data recording tools are provided to give you more time to focus on your organization.
  • We provide support to new employees to complete HR tasks and forms.

Safety Compliance and Risk Management

Let us provide you with Workers Comp and safety advice for your organization. Whether you are working on a specific case or need specific training, APS will guide you in the right direction and provide customized options for your organization.

  • Provide workers compensation advisement
  • Can provide safety materials as requested by client

Time and Attendance Tracking Tools

Allow employees to track their time with ease, all while having the opportunity to track employees’ time keeping and approve with the click of a button.

  • We offer different options for time tracking and data recording- including time clocks and online time portals.
  • Time tracking on our time clock systems allows employees to clock in and clock out with ease, relieving the need for manual approval and maintenance.
  • Choose a time clock system that fits your businesses’ needs. From fingerprint scans to employee cards, employees are designated a PIN number to clock in and out for their work day.
  • Time clocks can be mounted for ease of access
  • No maintenance required
  • Ideal for quick and easy implementation. If employee cards are distributed, they can be customized and key fobs can also be used. If fingerprint scanning is chosen, this prevents “buddy punching” or time theft. Precision is key.